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Though it is small, your car’s battery is a vital part. We’ve all encountered a bad battery before and know that without a good charge, your car isn’t going anywhere. Here’s what you need to know about the importance of a good battery, and how to maintain it! To ensure you achieve a proper charge for your car’s battery, you need to maintain it regularly. The average battery will last around three to five years.

If your battery is starting to wear out, it should give off a few signs. You might experience harder or slower starts. Additionally, your check engine light could turn on. You might see a bloated battery case, or even get a whiff of rotten eggs from under your hood. If any of these things happen, you should have your battery inspected and tested, which is a simple procedure that can be done within minutes.



One simple way to prolong your battery’s life is by keeping it clean and making sure the terminals are free from build-up and debris. This can be done during regular maintenance checks, such as oil changes or tire rotations.

Another factor in accelerated battery wear is heat. Hot summer days can cause the chemicals in your battery to react and wear out much faster than usual. While you can’t always avoid the summer heat, you can try to counteract this by parking in the shade or using covered parking whenever possible.

In addition to starting your car, your battery provides power to numerous features in your car. This includes operating the lights, powering the components that cool your engine, and ensuring your anti-theft systems are working properly.

If your battery is showing signs of wear, schedule a service appointment with us here at Carter Chevrolet. We can inspect, clean, and test your battery. And, if it does need to be replaced, we have the best battery options for your car at affordable prices.

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