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The Importance of Windshield Wiper Maintenance

It’s that time of year again, when you need to change your wipers in anticipation of the rainy spring weather. However, we here at Carter Chevrolet know how it goes; everybody thinks, “Do I really need to do this?”

Getting new wipers can seem like an extra, unnecessary expense to the average driver, and that money could go towards maintaining other, more important aspects of the vehicle – right?

Wrong. Maintaining your vehicle is important for staying safe on the road, and that includes changing old, streaky wipers.

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Proper Care

So, what’s the big deal about windshield wipers? The short answer is visibility. Damaged and cracked windshield wipers can be a nuisance when it’s lightly raining and your wipers are streaking water across your windshield, but they can also be nothing short of dangerous in heavy storms, during which you depend on your wipers to help you keep an eye on the road when you can barely see five feet ahead of you. Additionally, damaged wipers can scratch up your glass, causing more permanent damage.

After winter gunk has accumulated on your wipers, spring is a good time of year to clean them off and inspect them for any wear and tear. Damage to wipers can be anything from just a little wear to rubber peeling off the blade itself. In the latter case, you should replace your wipers ASAP to prevent any lasting damage to the glass of your windshield.

To prevent getting caught in a dangerous situation with low visibility and streaking, old wipers, you should be replacing your windshield wipers every six months or whenever you notice scraping noises or streaking. If you stop by Carter Chevrolet, our trained service technicians can help you through the process of getting all-new wipers on your car. It may not seem like much, but it’s crucial to your safety.

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