Chevrolet Silverado Towing and Strength Defeats Competition

August 22nd, 2017 by

Last year, Chevrolet recorded their team testing the strength of the Silveradoโ€™s truck bed versus the Ford F-150 by throwing a toolbox into both trucksโ€™ beds – the F-150โ€™s aluminum bed dented, while the Silveradoโ€™s high-strength steel body didnโ€™t. Now, for the next generation, Chevrolet brought in the assistance of a third party to prove that, once again, the Silverado rises above the rest by testing Chevrolet Silverado towing and strength.

The test involved the 2017 Silverado 3500 HD pitted against the Ford F-350 and RAM 3500. The trucks were then hitched with heavy trailers and driven up an 8-mile road at a 7% grade. At 60 mph, the Chevrolet Silverado defeated the closest competitor by nearly 12 seconds. Second place went to the RAM 3500, while the Ford F-150 lagged behind. Then, when the trucks went back downhill, the Silverado only required one brake application to keep its speed steady, while the RAM 3500 came in last at 3 brake applications.

The test, called the Ike Gauntlet by auto publication TFL Trucks, demonstrated how Chevrolet Silverado towing and capability always comes out on top. If you want to try out the Silverado for yourself, just come to Carter Chevrolet. We can show you the strength of Chevy trucksโ€™ high-strength steel beds and its many towing systems and features.