Trick or Treating Safety Tips for a Spooky Safe Halloween

October 5th, 2017 by

Have a Happy Halloween with these Trick or treating safety tips

The kids have waited all year and it’s finally time to head out for a fun night of trick or treating. They’ll probably be excited to get a head start, but take the time to go over these trick or treating safety tips to ensure everyone has the best night possible.


Go during daylight hours

You don’t have to wait until after dark to go trick or treating. Getting an early start will help you keep an eye on the kids and will guarantee they get first pick of the best candy!


Be visible

If a costume must be a dark color, add some reflective tap or bright paint. Also, consider integrating slow sticks or a flashlight into a costume design.


Don’t go alone

An adult should always accompany young children at night. If your kids are mature enough to trick or treat without you, make sure they’re with a large group of well-known and trusted friends.


No masks

Skip the mask, this year. Although it may seem like an easy way to put the finishing touch on a costume, a mask can make it hard to see and breath. Face paint is just as easy and gives you more flexibility.


Don’t go inside

Remind all your trick or treaters to never enter a stranger’s home. If your kids are invited in to receive candy or join a party, make sure they know to say “no” and to leave immediately.



Halloween can be spooky without being stressful. Remind your children of these trick or treating safety tips so everyone can relax and have an incredible Halloween night.


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