Tips for Staying Connected While Social Distancing

April 6th, 2020 by

These are frightening times, friends. Though so many things are confusing these days, one thing is very clear: Y’all gotta stay home. Staying home means staying safe and staying healthy, but it sure can get lonely. You start to miss things: people’s musk, the way their cargo shorts rustle softly fresh out of the dryer, the way crumbs hang delicately from their beards like Christmas ornaments.

It’s important to remember that social distancing doesn’t mean cutting yourself off from the people you love. You can put the social in social distancing and stay connected and motivated if you follow some of the following tips.

  • You’ve got technology; use it! While nothing quite beats the joy of drinking in someone’s essence from close quarters, video calls and virtual hangouts make a nice alternative. If you and your buds have a Friday routine like playing games or having a bottle of wine with a side of dinner, keep the tradition going with a service like Skype, Zoom, or Google Hangouts. If you’re feeling lonely, you’ll be surprised the difference seeing a friendly face can make — even if it’s on a little screen. And if you have a friend who you think may be having a tough time, give them a call and tell them that you love them.
  • Get outside! In case you missed it, it’s spring again, and that means the weather’s warming up enough to go for a nice walk. Though you need to maintain six feet between yourself and other people at all times, you should be safe to head out for a jog or take your puppy or your chinchilla for a walk around the block. Just be sure that you keep it safe and wash your hands when you get home — and wash them twice for safety if you have to pick up dog poop and forget the bag.
  • Entertain yourself! Social distancing might be hard, but it also presents an opportunity to do stuff you’ve been putting off. You can start tackling that spring-cleaning job or wardrobe changeover you’ve been talking about (e.g., put away your winter cargo shorts and t-shirts for your spring and summer cargo shorts and t-shirts). You can cut down on your to-be-read pile or start writing that story you’ve had in your head for so long. Or just take a moment to kick back and chill on the couch and dig into that danged tiger documentary everyone’s talking about. #notmyoklahoma

Times are tough, but alone together, we can get through it. From your friends at Carter Chevrolet, where our priorities are making friends, washing hands, and selling cars in that order: Hang in there. Stay strong. We’ll see you soon.