Thousands of Self-Driving Chevy Bolt EVs to Hit the Road in 2018

March 2nd, 2017 by
Self-Driving Chevy Bolt EVs

Bolt In To See What Chevy Has In Store

It’s clear that Chevrolet’s goal to offer the most reliable and safe self-driving vehicles on the market is closer than ever before – especially with the recent news that Chevy will be producing thousands of self-driving Chevy Bolt EVs in 2018 alone.

The models will be part of an enormous test fleet, as part of a partnership with Lyft, the popular road-sharing app. This small step closer to self-driving vehicles will be one of the largest leaps for the entire industry.

Most of these self-driving Bolt vehicles will be used by Lyft in multiple states, though we don’t yet know exactly where. This means that lucky passengers will order a Lyft vehicle, only to find that theirs is a self-driving Bolt EV.

As is, the Chevrolet Bolt is already one of the most sophisticated models on the market, with the ability to travel up to 238 miles on its electric battery alone. This will not only save consumers money when it comes to no longer wasting it on gasoline but also, it can make a huge environmental impact for the better.

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