The New Chevy Malibu Teen Driver System: Learning to Drive Well

March 27th, 2015 by

Offering parents a tool to help encourage their teens to practice safe driving habits, Chevy will debut the new Teen Driver system. This operation will premiere in the new 2016 Malibu, ensuring your kids don’t get distracted while behind the wheel.

Chevy Malibu Teen Driver System:

The Chevy Malibu Teen Driver system encourages safe driving habits by automatically muting audio (from the radio or devices plugged into the car), restricting access if passengers are not buckled up, and giving visual and audible warnings if a car is going faster than it should. According to Chevy, this built-in system also allows parents to track teens’ driving habits, showing things like maximum speed, distance driven, and when safety features were activated.

“We developed this system so parents could use it as a teaching tool with their kids – they can discuss and reinforce safe driving habits,” said General Motors safety engineer MaryAnn Beebe. “As a mother of two, I know anything that has the potential of keeping one’s family safer is of great value to parents.”

The new system also incorporates stability control, forward collision alerts, and forward collision braking. The new system not only lets you keep an eye on your teen, but it is also has the latest in safety technology. All in all, the new Malibu is perfect for anyone who’s just learning how to drive.

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