Low Cost to Own: Silverado, Malibu, and Impala

January 4th, 2013 by

“I want a cheap car, but I also want a good car,” says every customer interested in buying a car. Well, it’s easier than you may think and we’re here to help you.

Although some cars may be cheaper in upfront costs, other cars may be better in fuel efficiency and cost less at the pump. Meanwhile, some of the cheaper cars may cost more in service than you saved at the dealership. Some cars cost more now but depreciate less when resold later. Some buyers are simply looking at the equation wrong. Try to look at it from a total cost of ownership perspective.

Silverado 1500

The Chevrolet Silverado has the lowest cost of ownership of any full-size pickup in the US, according to a study by Vincentric. With low depreciation value, low maintenance costs, and good fuel efficiency, the Silverado had caught the eyes of many in the automotive industry. This proves to be a good route to go for buying a new vehicle.

If you want to look at it purely from maintenance costs, the Chevrolet Impala and Chevrolet Malibu both made the list for lowest maintenance costs, according to a recent CarMD study. With some of the best scores on the list, the 2010 Chevy Malibu and the 2011 Chevy Impala only cost an average of $238.36 and $184.30 respectively to repair for 2011-2012. That’s pretty good.