Keep the Most Value in Your Car

June 26th, 2013 by

The value of a car isn’t decided by the make, model, year, and mileage of a vehicle. It is also determined by many other factors you might not have thought about affecting the value. Taking a little more care of your vehicle can make a $1,000 difference when selling your car. Carter Chevrolet is here to help with a few value saving tips.


You have to take good care of your car before it starts looking like this!

Watch where you park your vehicle. Some vehicle damage is done by negligence of those around you. Other damage can be done by your surroundings. Extensive sun exposure can damage the vehicle’s interior, making some vinyl dashboards crack. You should also be mindful of which trees you park under. Some trees produce sap, which drips on your car and is a pain to remove. The longer the sap stays on your car, the more likely it will take some paint with it when removed.

The interior and exterior are important parts in determining value. Thoroughly washing and waxing on a regular basis will help keep the vehicle in good condition. Watch for any rips, tears, cracks or scratches that could cause more problems later. Attend to these issues soon before they become bigger problems.

Keep your vehicle on a regular maintenance schedule. Vehicle history reports show maintenance history and can affect the value of the car. Save receipts and record maintenance history to prove long-term car care.


Follow all of these tips and you could have your own money bag (money not included)!