Why buy from Carter Chevrolet – It’s Easy.

May 25th, 2017 by

Here’s a secret—buying a car doesn’t have to be dreadful. You don’t have to spend a full day being handed off from one suited, uptight, impersonal salesperson the next. You don’t have to feel completely out of place, under-informed, and mislead. And you certainly don’t have to feel like the dealership lot is as serious as a funeral. As least, not at Carter Chevrolet.


In fact, at Carter Chevrolet, we want you to make a joke. We want you to poke fun at our goofy staff. We want you to break into your victory dance on the lot as soon as you figure out which Chevrolet you love most. That’s right, go ahead and boogie. Our staff will dance right along with you.



Buying from Carter Chevrolet is easy—easy as pie, easy as Sunday morning, easy as anything else that’s really, really simple. We’re all about creating a good and amiable experience for our customers. We won’t forget your name. We won’t act more interested in our lunch than we are in you. We’re all about making connections, making friends, and then selling cars from there. After all, how can we help lead you to the perfect Chevrolet if we don’t know you first?