If the Chevrolet Corvette Was a Person

October 16th, 2012 by

The engine roars while the tires grip the slender curves of the dusty country highway. You sink into the depths of your seat letting the power control your body. The pure bliss mixes with your primal urges to go faster, faster, faster! Most cars cut you off at a small taste of this happiness but not the 2013 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1; you taste it all.

Then you wake up remembering you traded in your Corvette for a minivan and your need for speed has been left unsatisfied every time you climb from 0-60 mph in the longest 15 seconds of your life. Why suffer this fate? How will you feel when you’re sixty years old knowing that you stopped truly living when you sold your precious beauty?

Well, the Chevrolet Corvette is now sixty years old and it never traded in its power and never sacrificed its quality. This sports car has lived a full life (and plans to live a lot longer) becoming synonymous with the term “American muscle car.” Will someone be able to say that about you when you’re sixty? No, of course not; you’re not a car. Well, if the Corvette was a person, how would you compare? What would it be like?

While you try to imagine your own interpretation of a personified Corvette, here’s ours:

It really doesn’t matter whether you pin the Corvette as a man or a woman. Either way, he or she would be master of the playground while growing up.

The Corvette could be that girl on the playground beating all the boys in basketball with an unstoppable crossover move and always ran a little faster when playing tag. Then she grew up to have tremendous fashion while still never losing that competitive edge. She fought her way through college and earned a fast-paced job at a growing company. She climbs the corporate ladder during the day and still has time to whoop the boys in pick-up basketball games at night.

On the other hand, this muscle car could be the lone wolf who raised himself. He was gifted in the classroom and on the field. Scouts noticed him on day one and he never knew what sport to choose. He finally settled on football as the star running back. Everyone knew he was good but he never let his ego take over. He kept improving to become an all-around player breaking records left and right while fans adored him.

Take your pick on which back-story you like better and try to finish it on your own.