How to Tell When Your Vehicle Needs an Oil Change

September 27th, 2018 by
Vehicle Oil Change

Follow these tips to know when your vehicle needs an oil change!

Every car owner knows that their car has to have regular oil changes to keep it running smoothly. For many, though, the question remains – when should you actually bring your vehicle in for this routine maintenance? Here’s how to tell when your vehicle needs an oil change.

Keep Track of the Mileage

When you get your oil change, it’s important to note how many miles it has been – even if your mechanic puts a sticker on your windshield detailing just that. If you use conventional oil, you can typically go six months or 7,500 miles nowadays; for synthetic oil, you can stretch up to 10,000-12,000 miles or a year. Knowing how many miles you have gone and the type of oil you use can go a long way towards helping you know when to change your oil.

Listen to Your Car

Many modern cars have built-in oil life indicator. Depending on the vehicle you drive, the way these indicators work differ. Some might use a direct measurement of some sort, while others will keep track of your mileage. No matter what, the overall result is the same – your car will tell you exactly when it’s time to bring it in for its routine maintenance.

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