How to Personalize the Chevy MyLink Home Screen

The Chevrolet MyLink home screen is almost perfect: It’s naturally set to its own version of dark mode (great for the eyes!) and features so many colorful squares. Best of all? Those squares lead you to cool features like OnStar®, music, and navigation.

But perfect is how you see it (or at least that’s what our mamas always said), so it’s important that you know how to customize your Chevy MyLink home screen to make it what you want. For that, we turn to our boy, Nick, who will walk you through how to personalize the Chevrolet MyLink home screen.

How to Personalize the Chevrolet MyLink Home Screen

Can you drag and drop your Chevy MyLink home screen icons? Oh, you’d better believe it. Just like your iPhone®, you can hold your finger down on any icon you want to move and drag it where you want it to go. You can even set three to five of your more frequently used apps in the app tray at the top of your screen so you can navigate more quickly between functions.

If you hate clutter, Chevy MyLink lets you set your favorite apps to the front page and relegate the stuff you useless to the second page and beyond. Nick, for example, goes with the EZ PZ setup of Phone, Audio, Projection, and Settings on the front and OnStar® Nav, Text, OnStar®, and Shop on the second page. Nick says he doesn’t use text very often, and we can vouch for that — he’s got a beautiful, sonorous voice and he loves to use it, so he’s way more of a phone call kinda guy.

To move an app icon to the next page, simply drag it with your finger to the edge of the screen where the page over arrow is. The page should change, and you can drop the app where you want.

To lock your choices into place, you just hit the physical Home button under the screen and you’re good to go.

And just like that, you’ve got the Chevrolet MyLink home screen of your dreams. If you need any help getting Chevy MyLink set up or with any Chevy-related issues (or relationship advice; we’re pros like that), visit Carter Chevrolet in Okarche, OK.


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