How to Pair an Android Phone to Chevrolet MyLink

Smartphones sure are great: You can use them to listen to your favorite tunes, send a message to your mom now and then so you don’t get guilted so often, and keep up on sports scores when you find yourself at a boring event. Your Android smartphone can also come in handy when you’re driving if you pair it to your Chevrolet MyLink system. Here’s how to get ‘er done:

Step 1:

Go into Settings on your Android and make sure that Bluetooth® is on. Click on Bluetooth® and you’ll see a list of paired devices.

Step 2:

On your Chevrolet MyLink screen, tap Phone, then the Pair Device button. This should make Chevrolet MyLink appear in the paired devices list on your Android.

Step 3:

Click on Chevrolet MyLink in the paired devices list on your phone. It should give you a unique PIN, which will match the PIN listed on your Chevrolet MyLink screen. If both numbers match, click tap yes on the Chevrolet MyLink screen and OK on your Android.

Step 4:

After the pairing, your Android will ask you to allow access to messages and contacts and phone logs. Click allow for both. If you accidentally clicked Do Not Allow, you can enter the Chevrolet MyLink settings under the paired devices list to give permission using sliders.

Step 5:

In the settings for your Chevrolet MyLink, you can rename your Chevrolet MyLink connection as you wish. Wanna call it Fried Chicken XOXO? You can make it happen.

Step 6:

If you plan to pair multiple phones with Chevrolet MyLink, go back into your Android’s settings and scroll down to About Device. There, you can change your device name to something more personable — again, maybe Fried Chicken XOXO? — so that you’ll be able to recognize it more easily.

Step 7:

If you want to delete an old device from your Chevrolet MyLink, tap Phone on the home screen and click the Phones button in the lower right corner. When you see the phone you want to remove, tap the X next to its name, then Disconnect on the subsequent screen, then the minus sign next to the device name, then Delete. You can also disconnect a device in Settings by going to Bluetooth® and then Device Management.

And just like that, you’re all done! EZ PZ, right? If you want a walkthrough of how it’s done or need some help with an issue, just stop on in to Carter Chevrolet. We’ll get you all squared away, and we’ll all look mighty handsome doing it.

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