How To Make The Most Out Of Summer In Your Chevy

June 10th, 2021 by


In case the sunny days, rising temps, and incessant song of cicadas aren’t clue enough, summer is just about here, Okarche! With a Chevrolet in your driveway and your vaccination dance card punched, you’ve got just what you need to make the most out of summer 2021. Need a few ideas? We’ve gotcha, boss.

Support A Local Business

There’s a whole economy out there that needs stimulating. You can do your part by supporting the businesses that help make Okarche such a great place. We’re biased, but we most definitely recommend stopping into Eischen’s for a meal in the safe, socially distanced dining room or grabbing takeaway.

Give Your Baby A Rinse

Sun’s out, trucks out. Or SUVs. Or your Chevy Malibu. However you roll. Now that the weather is nice, why not take an afternoon and give your Chevrolet a nice wash, rinse, and wax to keep it shining all summer long? Bonus points if you do it in short shorts and a crop top while blaring Whitesnake on an old boombox. Rest in power, Tawny.

Get Outta Here

There’s a whole lotta Oklahoma out there to see and experience, so take your freshly washed Chevy out and enjoy it. We’d recommend trying to hit some of the great parks within driving distance, like Red Rock Canyon Adventure Park, Fort Cobb State Park, or Roman Nose State Park. Just be sure you pack a lot of ice-cold water and maybe some fried chicken in case you get hungry.

If your summer needs an injection of new goodness, Carter Chevrolet will help you make the most of it with a hot new ride for the hot days ahead. Check out our selection online and visit us when you’re ready to take a test drive.