How to Jump a Dead Battery

October 19th, 2015 by

Jump a Dead Battery

Roadside assistance is widespread and available almost anywhere. That leaves many drivers forgoing what were once need-to-know maintenance tips. Waiting for roadside assistance to arrive can be a waste of time if you don’t know what to do when your car battery dies. Luckily, we here at Carter Chevrolet know the fastest way to jump a dead battery!

  • Identify the positive (red) and negative (black) terminals on each battery. Do the same for the jumper cables.
  • Attach one end of the positive (red) cable to the positive terminal of the dead battery. Attach the other end to the live battery’s positive terminal.
  • Attach the negative (black) end of the cable to the negative terminal of the live battery.
  • The other end of the negative cable needs to be attached to an unpainted metal part under the hood. Avoid the battery itself. Unpainted bolts and jumping posts are excellent spots for the cable. Watch out for belts and fans!
  • Once everything is attached and secure, start the car with the live battery. Let it idle for a few minutes.
  • Start the car with the dead battery. If it doesn’t start, let the live car idle for a few more minutes, then try again. If it starts, let both cars idle for a few minutes.
  • Once both cars are running, disconnect the cables in the opposite order you attached them and shut the hoods.

As always, we wish you nothing but safety whenever you’re out on the road!