How to Do a Coolant Flush

January 18th, 2016 by

Doing a periodic coolant flush every two years or so is an important part of vehicle maintenance. Antifreeze keeps the aluminum components in the engine and other parts of the car from eroding, and older coolant can’t do the job well.

coolant flush

When you go to do a coolant flush, make sure you have the right kind of coolant and that it matches the color in your car, whether that’s red, green, or orange. Get a drain pan and place it under the coolant plug underneath your car, then remove the plug so the antifreeze can start to flow. Take off the coolant cap under the hood to speed up the flow.

Next, flush the system with a radiator cleaner and some water, which removes the rest of the built-up deposits. Once the system is cleared out, put the drain plug back in and remove the drain pan, disposing of the fluids in a sink, not outside.

Mix your new coolant with water so the mixture is 50% to 70% coolant. Use a tester to make sure the ratio is right. Pour the mixture in until it’s filled to the right level, recap it, and you’re done!

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