Happy Independence Day from Carter Chevrolet

July 5th, 2013 by

Independence Day - Okarche, OKThe 4th of July is an American day of celebration. We buy hotdogs, hamburgers, beer, and fireworks for the cookout of the year. We say we do this to celebrate the birth of our nation, but we never take a second to really think about what that means.

Imagine yourself in colonial times with an oppressive superpower controlling your homeland from halfway across the world. Nobody enjoyed the unjust taxation, but a few brave men met to discuss their options. They decided they would rather die fighting for freedom than to live in a nation without it.

These brave men wrote one of the most beautiful letters ever written and declared independence from their oppressors. They knew what they were getting into and were willing to accept every resulting consequence. That day would either spell death or freedom for the colonists. That’s true bravery.

Take a little time to imagine yourself in their shoes to admire the huge accomplishment it was to create this great nation. We are truly blessed to be the United States of America.

Happy Independence Day from Carter Chevrolet!