GM Business Elite Program is Beginning to Boom

March 21st, 2014 by


America is considered the land of opportunity, and the birthplace of the American dream—starting your own business and watching it take off before your eyes. Small and large business owners alike know what we’re talking about. Heck, even we here at Carter Chevrolet Agency, LLC chase after the American dream every day. To do that, we know that businesses need solutions, and we’re one of the dealerships that can provide those solutions.

The General Motors Business Elite Program was launched in March of 2013, and allows certain dealerships to offer commercial vehicles, affordable maintenance, expert advice, and much more to help businesses grow. GM itself has grown its Business Elite Program by 16 percent in its first year, adding 74 more dealerships to its commercial network, including us here at Carter Chevrolet. We have ready-to-sell commercial vehicles, certified technicians to maintain those vehicles, round-the-clock towing, and more.

You need a vehicle dealership you can partner with for your business needs, and we are there to help you. As a GM Business Elite dealership, we know how important it is to make sure your business needs are met.

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