Four Best Comeback Chevrolets

November 20th, 2012 by

The Boston Herald recently released a list of the top ten signature brand cars to make comebacks. This list included forgotten nameplates rereleased, renewed nameplates, and some updated brands.

Four Chevrolets pierced their top ten list with two in their top five and one named first. The four “comeback” Chevrolets included Chevy Impala at number ten, Chevy Malibu at number nine, Chevy Camaro at number four, and Chevy Corvette at number one.

10. Impala

The Chevy Impala has made two comebacks with the seventh and eighth generation. The Impala was first released in 1958 and remained popular until it was discontinued after its 1985 model. Chevrolet attempted to revive the nameplate in 1994 without success. Chevy went back to the drawing boards and came back in 1999 with the eighth generation. Sales really picked up with the current ninth generation, and 2014 will introduce Impala’s tenth generation.

9. Malibu

In 1964, the Malibu began as a trim level of the Chevelle, but its popularity gained the Malibu its own model line for 1978-1983.The Malibu’s comeback started in 1997 and has proven to be a staple model of the Chevrolet brand. Now, the recently redesigned 2013 Chevy Malibu has been making a name for itself in auto shows and on the road.

4. Camaro

Chevrolet took a slight hiatus from Camaro production after the 2002 model. Camaro enthusiasts were not happy and let Chevrolet know. Only after a few years of its absence, Chevrolet rereleased the Camaro in 2009 and won the World Car Design of the Year award. Since then, it has flourished as one of Chevrolet fans’ favorite cars.

1. Corvette

Although we disagree the Corvette can be classified as a “comeback” car by any means of the imagination, it made number one on the list. Perhaps this ranking is due to it never warranting a comeback. The Chevrolet Corvette became an instant hit when it released in 1953 and has been the dream sports car of many Chevrolet fans over the last sixty years.