Five Important Maintenance Tips

January 30th, 2013 by

Carter Chevrolet is here to help you with five important car maintenance tips. Our experienced and knowledgeable service staff will be able to help you follow through with these and to teach you more about automotive upkeep.

Tires naturally deflate, especially in the colder weather. Be sure to check the tire pressure regularly, because over- or under-inflated tires wear out quicker than the properly inflated tires. Also, under inflated tires kill any chances of achieving optimal fuel efficiency.

With front wheel drive, rear wheel drive, and turning, front and rear tires wear out at different rates, so be sure to rotate your tires to even the wear and tear. Tire rotation schedules depend on the tires, so ask one of our qualified service technicians how often your tires need rotated.

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Wiper blades wear away and lose effectiveness. It’s a good idea to change them once a year, depending on their condition. Our service department can let you know if your wiper blades need replaced, but don’t wait too long because it’s easier to stay on the road and avoid accidents when you can see where you’re going.

Dirty air filters are like trying to breath with a stuffy nose and a cold; it’s more difficult to get the air you need. When air filters clog with dirt, dust, and grime, fuel efficiency suffers. If you drive in dirty areas, such as city streets or dirt roads, you should replace your air filter twice as often as a small town driver should.

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Cars belong in your garage. This is something that most people don’t think about, but your car is one of your biggest investments. Why store your Christmas decorations, broken appliances, and forgotten toys in the garage while your car sits outside? Clean out your garage and protect your investment.