Five Common Car Care Mistakes

December 19th, 2014 by

Car Care MistakesWinter is tough on our cars, and unfortunately, we often unknowingly add to our car’s wear and tear, causing it to age prematurely. Here are five things you may be doing that could reduce your car’s resale value and increase your repair costs.

Keep your car in tip-top shape year-round by avoiding these common car care mistakes.

Idling for too long. Today’s modern technology eliminates the need to allow your car to warm up before driving. Leaving it running for more than a few minutes can cause buildup to form on your sparkplugs, making them less efficient, which will waste more gas.

Ignoring your tires. Improperly inflated tires are not only dangerous, but cause your tire’s tread to wear more quickly, causing your car to be inefficient and affecting your car’s handling and braking. Make sure that your tires are inflated to the manufacturer’s recommendation, and check the tread to make sure they aren’t over-worn.

Riding the brake (or clutch). Riding the brake causes the brake pads to wear down – the more often your foot finds its way to the brake for extended periods while moving, the more quickly you’re wearing it down. Likewise, the clutch wasn’t made to be held down the entire time you drive.

Leaving your car to bake in the sun. Sometimes we can’t help it – we just have to park our car directly in the harsh sun. But make sure you keep sunshades in your car, and use them. Over-exposure to harsh, hot sunlight will eventually cause your interior to discolor, and can destroy materials, causing leather to crack and plastics to peel.

Having a lead foot. The faster you drive, the harder you’ll have to hit the brakes, which wears down the brake pads and tires. Driving at normal posted speed limits will not only protect your safety, but will keep your car from burning out before its time.

Avoid these car care mistakes to reduce maintenance costs and keep your car in the best possible shape. Stop by Carter Chevrolet if you have any questions about keeping your car running like the day you bought it.