Colorado ZH2 Army Test Truck

October 12th, 2016 by

Chevy only makes trucks that offer top power, aggression, and capability. And they’re not just stopping at your average pickup truck. The Colorado ZH2, a test truck developed for the US Army, has all of this and more thanks to incredible design and innovative efficiency.

Hydrogen Powered Chevrolet ColoradoThe Chevrolet Colorado ZH2 is a zero-emission hydrogen fuel cell vehicle. Yes, that’s a lot of big words. So what does it mean? First off, the ZH2 is actually an altered Colorado midsize pickup. The biggest change is the car’s engine compartment, which is constructed to accommodate the hydrogen fuel-cell power train. It has the design that makes the Colorado unstoppable, with an added reinforced frame to make it suitable for different environments. Specifically, environments the U.S. Army would be in.

This Army test truck is intended to combine top efficiency and capability. The Army tests the truck in many different categories, like “near-silent operation” (for stealth) and “low fuel consumption across operating range” (for efficiency).

It considers other areas to ensure that the ZH2 would be able to take on many different terrains. Fuel cells were a good direction to go with the ZH2 Army test truck because they make the ZH2 nearly silent when travelling. That makes it hard to detect.

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