Classic Chevrolet Collection Let Go in Nebraska

October 4th, 2013 by

Thousands of Chevy enthusiasts flocked to Pierce, Nebraska last weekend to check out a collection of barely-driven classic Chevrolets that were to be auctioned off by owners Ray and Mildred Lambrecht (Ray is a retired Chevy dealer). The town of Pierce is a small town of about 1,800 people, yet nearly 10,000 spectators came by land and air to see about 500 cars in a classic Chevrolet collection be auctioned off and hauled away. How much did they sell for, you ask? Here’s your answer:  for a grand combined total of about $545,000.

One of the most notable vehicles sold was a sky-blue, 1950 Chevy Cameo with—get this—1.3 miles on the odometer. One. Point. Three. It sold for $140,000 alone! Additionally, a red 1963 Chevy Impala with only 11 miles sold for $97,500, an impressive improvement above its suggested retail price of $3,254.70, which was noted on the still-existing window sticker. It even had the original OEM plastic on the seats.

Ray kept his unsold Chevrolet collection in a warehouse on his farm or around the town of Pierce if they didn’t sell in the first year. What makes his collection outstanding is that the cars have rarely been driven, if at all. A 1959 Bel Air had one mile, and the oldest vehicle with less than 20 miles dated back to 1958. Wouldn’t that have been a site to see?

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