Chevy Youth Baseball All-Star Surprise

September 6th, 2016 by

Chevrolet organized a surprise for the Carlsbad Chevy Youth Baseball team and its owner earlier this month in recognition of their work in the community and the owner’s dedication to the team. Chevy provided them with suite tickets for the whole team to go to the All Star Sunday events at Petco Park.

Chevy posted a video to their YouTube account that showed the reactions of the team when they were given the tickets and then showed video and pictures of them at the All Star Sunday events. The kids were also given Chevy and baseball-related gear such as hats and jerseys.

Chevy has a history of supporting communities through its Youth Baseball program, which has enabled kids across the country to participate in sports teams and free instructional clinics. Funded through Chevrolet dealerships, participating teams receive sponsorship checks, equipment, and fundraising opportunities. Teams that participate in Chevy Youth Baseball have unique opportunities to meet and get instruction from Major and Minor League Baseball players.

Chevy has used the program to donate more than 90,000 equipment kits to communities around the US, as well as renovated 9,400 parks for local teams to use. In the ten years since it was created, more than 5.2 million children have participated in the program.