Chevy introduces new Chevrolet Trax Midnight Edition

January 5th, 2016 by

The 2016 Chevrolet Trax Midnight Edition was introduced late last month, a special edition of the new Trax based on the Trax LTZ trim. The Midnight Edition features an array of black and gray accents, including a black rear license plate applique, black door handles, black wheels, and gray-trimmed seats.

Chevrolet Trax Midnight Edition

Chevy Trax interior

The Chevy Trax is a versatile vehicle, a small SUV with excellent gas mileage of 34 mpg highway and plenty of the cargo space you expect, almost 50 cubic feet. The Trax is an SUV you can drive easily in tight city traffic or on the open road, and the Midnight Edition provides drivers with an even cooler and edgier option than the standard paint jobs.

The Trax is only in its second year and fills an important hole in the Chevy lineup, appealing to young people and women with its unbeatable combination of utility, style, and practicality.

The Midnight Edition will be available to buy in February for the model price of $26,125 plus the $500 cost of the Midnight package. All of us here at Carter Chevrolet are pretty excited for its arrival!

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