Chevy Celebrates April Fool’s Day with a Twist

April 10th, 2015 by

While you may have differing opinions of April Fool’s Day depending on what end of the joke you’ve been on in the past, Chevrolet worked to make this April 1st the “Best Day Ever” for people around the country.

With the help of a number of celebrities, Chevy surprised diverse groups of people from mothers to college students, kids, and drivers from all walks of life.

Kelly Clarkson performed a private concert during the dessert course of a luncheon for new mothers and pregnant moms-to-be. Alec Baldwin made a guest appearance as Abe Lincoln to a class of history students at Occidental College. A group of 100 kids in Central Florida and their Big Brothers and Big Sisters received free passes to Walt Disney World. Danica Patrick surprised drivers filling their tanks at a gas station in Concord, North Carolina with free gas cards. That’s just to name a few of the surprise “pranks” Chevy played on April 1.

All the surprises were streamed live on Chevy’s YouTube Channel for eight consecutive hours.

The widespread reach of Chevy’s #BestDayEver campaign is a reflection of the brand’s ability to cater to a wide variety of people and their transportation needs. The goal of the campaign was not only to introduce people to April Fool’s Day with a twist, but to also introduce consumers to the brand in a way they may not have before experienced.

“Chevrolet took a vanguard position in creating a real-time marketing program that reached diverse audiences and brought about a new level of conversation about the brand,” said Chevrolet’s U.S. vice president of marketing, Paul Edwards, in a press release. “The brand engaged millions of people today and if we got just a fraction of those folks to take another look at our cars, trucks and crossovers, we accomplished our goals.”

We at Carter Chevrolet are used to watching our backs on April Fool’s Day, but now we find ourselves wishing it was more than one day of the year so Chevy could surprise some of us here in Okarche next!

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