Chevrolet Highlighted in EPA Climate Leadership Awards

March 6th, 2015 by

Stamping their footprint in green energy has been a main concern of Chevroletโ€™s for years, and now they have been officially recognized as a front runner in the automotive industry. Chevrolet was the only automaker on the latest EPA Climate Leadership Awards list for their innovative Clean Energy Campus Campaign.

Chevrolet has paired with the US Green Building Council and other groups to promote their Clean Energy Campus Campaign. The new campaign will focus on creating ways for primary and secondary schools, as well as colleges and university buildings to reduce their โ€œcarbon footprint.โ€

Chevroletโ€™s long term goal is to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions by 8 million metric tons of CO2, and with the help of other companies and programs, that goal will be more likely to see success. Chevy has motioned to help reduce these emissions with such cars as the Volt and Spark EV; however, they know it will take more substantial efforts to fully reduce the collective carbon footprint.

EPA Climate Leadership Awards

Chevrolet remains determined to create more clean energy projects in the future. Their current vehicles, as well as the Clean Energy Campus Campaign are just the start of their major push to combat climate change. For more information on some of Chevyโ€™s environmentally friendly vehicles, please visit us at Carter Chevrolet!

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