Carter Chevrolet Rates the New Features on the 2021 Tahoe

August 19th, 2020 by

There are at least two things that everybody at Carter Chevrolet knows about as well as anybody: fried chicken and Chevy vehicles. We know that Eischen’s Bar serves up the best-fried chicken in Okarche, and we know that Chevrolet has served up one of the best SUVs it’s ever made with the all-new 2021 Tahoe.

To synthesize our fields of expertise, we decided to get together and run down some of the best new features of the 2021 Chevrolet Tahoe and rate them on a scale of 1-10 chicken wings. We also all ate chicken wings while we talked it over. That’s how dedicated we are, folks.

More third-row space

Imagine going out and eating fried chicken past your fill, then having to cram into the stuffy backseat with a full belly. No such worry with the 2021 Chevrolet Tahoe, which has 10 extra inches of third-row legroom so you can get nice and cozy before you slip into a food coma. Rating: 10 wings out of 10

More cargo space

The 2021 Chevrolet Tahoe now offers 66 percent more room behind the third row with an incredible 25.5 cubic feet of cargo volume. We don’t need to tell you that that’s a whole bunch more room for takeout bags of fried chicken, but we’re going to anyway because we just love thinking about fried chicken. Oh, you can also put other things back there, of course, but just think about the chicken. Rating: 10 wings out of 10

New Duramax® 3.0-Liter Turbo-Diesel

Nothing quite delivers on power and efficiency in one swift motion like a Duramax® diesel. Chevrolet is offering that mighty powerful 3.0-liter Turbo-Diesel on the LS, LT, RST, Premier, and High Country trims, giving you the muscle you need to do serious towing and the intelligence to save money at the pump. You know what you can buy with extra money? More chicken wings. Rating: 10 wings out of 10

Available Four-Corner Air Ride Adaptive Suspension

Well, what do we have here? A first-in-class adaptive suspension system that adjusts vehicle height automatically to improve everything from aerodynamics to efficiency to ease of exiting the vehicle. The 2021 Chevrolet Tahoe Z71 and High Country will both be available with the standout Four-Corner Air Ride Adaptive Suspension, which may be the best thing since fried chicken. Fried chicken. Delicious fried chicken. Rating: 10 wings out of 10

We’re only scratching the surface of what’s going on with the all-new Tahoe, folks. These new features and more make the 2021 Chevrolet Tahoe a standout family-friendly SUV as only the bowtie can do it. Check out our selection of all-new Tahoe SUVs, and when you’re ready to learn more, pop on into Carter Chevrolet in Okarche. Also, if you want to bring some fried chicken, no complaints from us.