Best Scary Movies to Prepare for Halloween

October 23rd, 2016 by

Halloween is just around the corner, which means that you need to get your spook on! A great way to do that is a scary, pre-Halloween movie marathon. Or a month-long marathon! Either way you do it, here are some of the best scary movies to watch before Halloween.


Scream – It’s the ideal slasher film because it kinda makes fun of slasher films! Set in a small town, teenagers start dying one-by-one, all murdered by someone wearing the β€œGhostface” mask.

Halloween – Okay, duh. This movie can be said to have given Jamie Lee Curtis her real start when she played a babysitter stalked by a formerly-imprisoned murderer. Oh, and he wears a mask.

The Blair Witch Project – Skip going to the new Blair Witch and stick with this classic. It follows a group of documentary makers that discover the legend surrounding the woods they’re camping in might be true.


And finally, for those of you who say β€œbut I don’t like scary movies,” here are some silly Halloween movies:

Halloweentown – Admit it, you’ve always secretly wanted to be magical. Well, Marnie from Halloweentown can relate. Pop this movie in to relive your childhood Disney Channel movie days.

Hocus Pocus – Who doesn’t love Hocus Pocus? Witches, talking cats, and friendly zombies all set in Salem, Massachusettes make for a fun Halloween movie.

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