3 Ways to Pamper Your Car With Love This Valentine’s Day

February 12th, 2019 by


If you haven’t brought your vehicle in for service in quite some time, maybe you can pamper your car this Valentine’s Day to show it – and yourself – some extra love.

Catch Up With Routine Maintenance

The kindest thing you can do for your car is to keep it running. If it’s been a bit since the last oil change or inspection, consider treating your vehicle right by taking it to a service professional. Catching up with any missed part replacements or repairs will have your car’s performance feeling fresh and confident.

Clean Out The Interior

Especially in the winter, drivers have a tendency to let their assorted belongings and garbage accumulate in their vehicle. You can go above and beyond just tossing out the trash by cleaning everything out of your car and its trunk, then taking the time to vacuum and deep-clean the upholstery and dashboard.

Have It Detailed

If you want your car to really shine, take it in to get detailed. Having your vehicle detailed is like having it washed, but it’s also way more than that; they also focus on reconditioning the exterior of the vehicle to emphasize all the tiny details that make it look like new. That means your car will be buffed, polished, cleaned, and covered with a fresh coat of wax.

Of course, if it’s time to consider a replacement ride, we have a wide assortment of vehicles for you to choose from at Carter Chevrolet.