Technology Spotlight – Teen Driver

There aren’t many words more harrowing than: “Mom/Dad, can I borrow the keys?” Sure, you trust your teen with a lot of responsibilities, but there’s a natural stress that comes with knowing that they’re 1.) driving on their own 2.) driving your car. Fortunately, if you’ve gotten a new Chevrolet from Carter Chevrolet recently, your vehicle likely has built-in Teen Driver Technology.

So what is Teen Driver Technology? It’s a unique feature that’s easy to set up and easy to implement, letting you control aspects of your teen’s driving experience even if you’re not coming along for the ride. (Because, after all, that would not be on fleek. Is that a thing kids are still saying? On fleek?) With Teen Driver, you use a four-digit code to do everything from set warnings when the vehicle goes over a certain speed, electronically limit the vehicle’s speed to 85 miles per hour, and set maximum audio levels while ensuring that audio will only play when the seat belts are fastened.

What’s more, you can use Teen Driver Technology to see a report card of how your kid did behind the wheel. The Teen Driver Report Card lets you see key statistics like how many overspeed warnings were issued, what the maximum speed was, and how many times features like anti-lock braking were engaged. This will allow you to have honest and frank conversations with your kids about their driving habits. With Teen Driver, everybody wins!

But wait, there’s more! Chevrolet vehicles equipped with Teen Driver Technology also have a Valet Mode. Using the same four-digit code from Teen Driver, you can set your vehicle to Valet Mode when you take your special someone out for a fancy dinner. What this means is that your valet won’t be able to turn on the audio and won’t be able to interact with the Chevrolet Infotainment System, keeping all your info safe. It’ll also let you see a report card after the valet hands you back the keys so that you can be positive that there were no “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” moments while you were chowing down on a steak.

Want to learn more about the cool features in your Chevrolet? Visit Carter Chevy and our team of super cool dudes will show you the ropes.

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