Technology Spotlight – Rear Guidance Lights

Congratulations! You’ve got a rad Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD or Silverado 3500 HD, which means you’ve got the biggest, baddest, bestest heavy-duty truck you can lay hands to. Now, what good is having a big ol’ honking truck if you don’t use it to tow a boat or a trailer now and then? For such occasions, the Silverado HD is equipped with cargo mirror lights on the towing mirrors.

What do those little lights do? If you’re hooking up a trailer or backing up your trailer in the dark, these LED lights illuminate the area behind the truck to the sides of your trailer so you can be more certain you’ve got a clear path.

To activate this lighting, you’ll press the Cargo Lamp Switch — that’s the button on the upper right quadrant on the panel above the task lighting knob, which you’ll find on the bottom left-hand side of the center stack. You’ll know it’s the right button when you see the one where it looks like the cargo bed is getting a shower.

By pressing this little button, you’ll turn on the cargo bed lights and the cargo mirror lights, which should offer plenty of visibility for whatever job you’re doing. If you press the button twice in five seconds, it’ll deactivate the cargo mirror lights but leave the cargo bed lights on. Press it once, wait, and press it again to turn off all lights.

If you need help finding this handy button and using the cargo mirror lights, or if you want to learn more about the cool features your Silverado HD has to offer, stop into Carter Chevrolet. We’re experts in all things Chevy (and cargo shorts and fried chicken, for what it’s worth), and we’ll be more than happy to share that expertise with you.


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