Oil Change Service Near El Reno

Looking for an oil change service near El Reno?

Carter Chevrolet, located near El Reno, Oklahoma is your best choice for oil change service . Carter Chevrolet uses premium synthetic and traditional engine oil along with only the best oil filters.  Our factory oil change near el renotrained technicians have your vehicle’s best interest in mind, that’s for sure.  With Carter Chevrolet’s oil change service you’re getting more than just an oil change. Consider it like a day at the spa for your vehicle.  Well, seriously. We pamper your vehicle with a fresh oil and filter change and while we’re at it, our technicians will complete an overall vehicle inspection and give your vehicle a health report before you leave, so you know your vehicle is running in top shape.  We’ll keep you up to date on tire tread depth every visit, so you are ready and prepared when your baby needs a new set of tires.  Carter Chevrolet’s oil change service  also comes with a top off of washer fluid and blinker fluid…….well maybe not blinker fluid, but definitely washer fluid.

Don’t believe the myth that a dealership oil change is more expensive than other places.

FACT: Our oil change service pricing is no different than any other oil change service , but our technicians do go through a lengthy training process just to change your oil.

At Carter Chevrolet, you’ll have only the best technicians working on your vehicle, the not so great ones we sent over to the showroom to sell cars.

Maximize the life of your vehicle’s engine with a routine oil change service.

Here’s a list of services we offer during your Oil Change Service at Carter Chevrolet:

  • Oil Life Monitoring System Reset
  • Overall Vehicle Health Report
  • Fluid Check and Top Off
  • High Quality Oil Filter
  • Traditional and Synthetic Motor Oil
  • Standard Oil Change

So why should I choose Carter Chevrolet  for my oil change service when I live in El Reno, Oklahoma?

That’s a good question. We have customers every day who are driving from El Reno to Okarche for “just an oil change.”

So we asked them, and here’s what they had to say, in no particular order:

  • Friendly Staff
  • They bought their vehicle here
  • The smell of Eischen’s Chicken
  • The taste of Eischen’s Chicken
  • A Complimentary Loaner Vehicle
  • Courtesy Pick Up & Delivery
  • We Look Better Than The Competition

All but one are real, honest answers.  We’ll let you try to figure out which one we threw in there.

Do you service Chevrolet cars and trucks only?

Heck no, we can do it all.  So if you’re needing an oil change service near El Reno, we can service your Ford, Dodge, Ram, Toyota, Nissan, Honda, or Mercedes. Basically, we service everything except your kitchen sink.

So if you’re looking oil change service near el renofor someone you can trust to service your vehicle, including oil change services, give us a try. We’re just a few minutes North of El Reno, and our customer service is top notch.



Schedule your oil change service near El Reno today by calling 405-263-7252 or click here.