How to Program and Operate Your Chevrolet Power Liftgate

Chevrolet vehicles, like the Equinox LT and the Tahoe LT, offer an available power liftgate to make loading and unloading items more convenient. There are three different ways you can open the liftgate, allowing you to make the most of your vehicle ownership experience.

Key fob

With your key fob, you can easily open the power liftgate when you’re within 3 feet of the liftgate. All you have to do is tap twice on the liftgate function and then the liftgate will open, making it easy to pack your Equinox LT or Tahoe LT with luggage while your hands are full.

Exterior button

For the Tahoe LT, there’s a button situated underneath the handle on the power liftgate. With the simple press of the button, the liftgate will open. For the Equinox LT, this same button is underneath the bowtie on the liftgate.

Interior knob

Inside the cabin of the Tahoe LT, there is a knob located on the upper console. This same knob is located inside the driver’s door of the Equinox LT. The knob has an easy-to-use turn switch ranging from OFF to MAX settings. When the switch is turned to OFF, you cannot utilize the power liftgate.

The 3/4 setting enables you to open the liftgate without raising it to its maximum height. This setting can be useful if your vehicle is located in a garage or another location with a lower ceiling. As the liftgate raises up, you can simply place your hand on top of it and then hold down the exterior close button to prevent it from continuing to move. On MAX, the switch lets you open up the liftgate completely.

Our knowledgeable staff at Carter Chevrolet would be happy to discuss the power liftgate and other technologies with you. Visit us to learn more about the features of the 2020 Chevrolet Equinox or Tahoe.

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