At Carter Chevrolet Agency, LLC., we offer you a large selection of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) vehicles at competitive prices. With our experience of over 2,000 Chevrolets converted to run on either bi-fuel (CNG and gasoline) or dedicated (CNG only), you can be confident our experience will provide you with an industry leading alternative fuel conversion.
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Safety of CNG

The fuel storage cylinders used in CNG vehicles are much stronger than gasoline fuel tanks. The design of natural gas cylinders is subjected to a number of federally required “severe abuse” tests, such as heat and pressure extremes, gunfire, collisions and fire testing.

Natural gas fuel systems are “sealed,” which prevents spills or evaporative losses. Even if a leak were to occur in a fuel system, the natural gas would dissipate up into the atmosphere, unlike gasoline which in the event of a leak or accident, pools on the ground, creating a fire hazard.

Natural gas has a high ignition temperature, about 1,200° Fahrenheit, compared with about 600° Fahrenheit for gasoline. It also has a narrow range of flammability, that is, in concentrations in air below about 5% and above about 15%, natural gas will not burn. The high ignition temperature and limited flammability range make accidental ignition or combustion of natural gas unlikely.

Natural gas is not toxic or corrosive and will not contaminate ground water.

Why CNG?

CNG is Affordable.

CNG can cut conventional fuel costs by about 40%.

CNG is American.

About 98% of the natural gas used in the US is from North America. In contrast, 70% of our oil is imported from foreign nations.

CNG is Clean.

Compressed Natural Gas is one of the cleanest transportation fuels available today. Natural gas vehicles emit 25% less CO2 than vehicles that run on traditional gasoline or diesel.

CNG is Abundant.

North America has at least a 120-year supply of natural gas – contradicting the notion that America is running out of fuel.

Why CNG from Carter Chevrolet

  • Every system is leak tested at 30% higher than the system rating
  • Higher quality tanks, Type III or Type IV
  • Higher quality lines and fittings than required
  • Technicians fully CNG certified
  • Impeccable service after the sale
  • 3 year/36,000 mile limited warranty
  • Mobile CNG service and maintenance repair
  • Above standard quality controls
  • One-stop shop – CNG conversion AND truck equipment installation AND nationwide delivery

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