CM Truck Beds: Staying “Ahead of the Curve” in Okarche, OK


CM Truck Beds

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If you work hard for a living and need a durable, reliable, and sturdy truck bed, then you may already be familiar with the name CM® Truck Beds. For more than two decades, CM Truck Beds has been synonymous with quality truck beds, promising the best value in the business for the finest, longest-lasting products available.

Regardless of the kind of truck you drive or the kind of work you do, CM Truck Beds promises innovative and intuitive designs that hold up to the highest standards and are manufactured with the idea in mind of staying “ahead of the curve.”

Checking the boxes

One of the benefits of choosing CM Truck Beds for your fleet is the variety of available styles of beds. CM Truck Beds are available in four different styles: hay beds such as the SP and SZ, the former of which is offered with heavy duty rear bale spikes and the latter with a dual spinner and integrated hydraulic pump system; service bodies that are ideal for utility work with multiple panel doors and heavy duty rear tailgates; the DB dump body with two-stage scissor lift and 10-gauge double wall sides and rear tailgate; and a multitude of flat beds to handle just about any job.

Looking toward the future

Part of what has given CM Truck Beds enough staying power to remain one of the business’s top brands for 20 years is the foresight to adapt to what the future demands. As truck makers continue to explore and invest in the use of high-strength aluminum-alloy in their vehicles, CM Truck Beds has responded in kind by rolling out all aluminum truck beds. Combining lighter weight, improved durability, and resistance to corrosion, CM Truck Beds’ aluminum flat beds and service bodies are every bit as ideal for getting the job done as their steel counterparts.

Confidence to keep you going

CM Truck Beds utilize channel frame rails and cross-members for added strength, undergo a five-stage powder coat finishing process to maintain sharp looks for even longer and utilize best-in-class B&W hitches and cutting-edge LED lighting. To get even more out of your CM Truck Beds product, it can be optioned with additional features including best-in-class 3/16-inch decks, cargo lights, and 30,000-pound B&W turnover balls. For the utmost in assurance, CM Truck Beds are offered with limited warranties that cover workmanship and finish.

When you have a job that needs doing, CM Truck Beds provide the means to do it with equal parts finesse and style. To learn more about how a CM Truck Beds product can benefit you, see your local distributor.