10 Reasons to Buy from Carter Chevrolet

Carter Chevrolet isn’t your average car dealership. We’re not pushy or pretentious, and we don’t like that most other dealers are. Carter is a small-town, Oklahoma City, OK dealership, and our staff are truly laid back. When you stop by, you’ll have a truly unforgettable experience. Below is a list of other reasons to consider buying your next car from Carter Chevrolet:


10. Big City Dealerships are the Worst

10 Reasons to Buy Carter Chevrolet - Big City Dealers Are the Worst

Seriously, who likes big-city dealerships? Aggressive bargaining is not our style. Just let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll help you find it. It’s that simple. We’re part of the Okarche community, so our first priority is towards making friends. Our second priority is selling quality vehicles.



9. Eischen’s

10 Reasons to Buy Carter Chevrolet - EischensEischen’s Bar is an Oklahoma legend. If you like fried chicken—who are we kidding? Who doesn’t like fried chicken? Eischen’s is known around the region for its pub grub, making it the perfect place to stop before or after you get a new car. Our staff would also be more than happy to get some Eischen’s during the car-buying process as well.



8. A Cat Named Mouse

10 Reasons to Buy Carter Chevrolet - A Cat Named Mouse

Have you ever heard anything more ridiculous? A cat named Mouse—that’s just one of the reasons you should stop by Carter Chevrolet. Even if you’re not a cat lover, you will be when you leave.




7. Sales Guys in Shorts

10 Reasons to Buy Carter Chevrolet - Salesguys in ShortsNothing is more refined than the classic shorts look, and our sales guys pull it off. You won’t find suits and ties at Carter—those are for impersonal big-city dealers. Our casual apparel should give you an idea of the laid-back atmosphere of our dealership.



6. Driving to Okarche is Better than Driving to the Dentist

10 Reasons to Buy Carter Chevrolet - Driving to Okarche is Better Than Driving to the Dentist

Have a dentist appointment coming up? Skip it! Carter Chevrolet is located in Okarche, just a painless drive from many other cities like Oklahoma City, Kingfisher, El Reno, and Piedmont among others.




5. Spacious Showroom

10 Reasons to Buy Carter Chevrolet - Our Spacious ShowroomThere is no showroom larger than ours—well, that may be a bit of an exaggeration. Who needs a spacious showroom anyway? At Carter Chevrolet we offer a massive selection of models, both new and used. Our intimate showroom just makes it easier to get to know our customers.



4. More Eischen’s!

10 Reasons to Buy Carter Chevrolet - Eischen's

Crispy chicken, cold drinks—seriously, let’s talk about your new car over some Eischen’s!





3. Cody the Bear Wrestler

10 Reasons to Buy Carter Chevrolet - To See Cody Wrestle a BearThe rumors are true. One glance at Cody will confirm he is indeed a world-renowned competitor in the dangerous sport of bear wrestling.




2. Bear Jerky

10 Reasons to Buy Carter Chevrolet - Bear JerkyWith one of the world’s best bear wrestlers, it’s easy to get a fresh supply of bear meat to make quality jerky. If you’re not a fan of Eischen’s, that’s strange. But, we also have some tasty bear jerky as well.




1. Jason’s Beard

10 Reasons to Buy Carter Chevrolet - Jason's BeardElegant. Refined. Bushy. Jason’s beard is a local attraction. If you’re having doubts about Carter Chevrolet, your mind will be put at ease with one glance at our General Manager’s beard. Just don’t ask him to touch it.





So what do you think? Is Carter Chevrolet the car dealership for you? If so, come visit us in Okarche, OK, and we would be proud to serve you!

Making Friends, Selling Cars… In that Order