Okarche Blood Drive

Donor Challenge at Carter Chevrolet – January 23, 2017



Maylee’s Story

“We found out at 32 weeks gestation that Miss Maylee had a heart defect. We just had to wait until she was born for the doctors to determine the extent of it. We now know that she has what is called a complete AV Canal Defect. The doctors say it is a favorable defect and she is starting medicine to help her thrive until she has open heart surgery to repair the issue at 4 months old. (Looking to be around February).

Miss Maylee also had one more little surprise in store for us when she was born. This type of heart defect is very common with Trisomy 21 chromosomal disorders so the doctors felt that we should run some more tests. She fooled all of the specialists and even all of the tests they did while she was in the womb, but despite all the negative test results Maylee was born with Translocation Down’s Syndrome. She is doing great and meeting milestones as expected. She is a fighter and a little spitfire, and absolutely gorgeous. We can’t wait to watch her grow and we are so thankful we have such an amazing community to raise both our beautiful daughters in. Thank you again for all your cares and concerns and please continue the prayers for our little princess.” – Laci Hart, Maylee’s Mother

Maylee, her mom Laci, her dad Matt, and big sister Hynlee are from Thomas, OK

UPDATE: Maylee will be having heart surgery in February.

Take the Donor Challenge for Maylee

When: January 23, 2017 12pm – 5pm

Where: Carter Chevrolet

214 W Oklahoma Okarche, OK 73762 – Across the street from Eischen’s.


All donors receive COMPLIMENTARY Eischen’s Chicken


Call us at 405-263-7252 to schedule your time to give blood 

– OR  –

Come into the dealership between 12pm and 5pm on January 23rd